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On Numbers & Experiences Tuesday, Feb. 14th, 2017

There’s this idea that anything can be represented by an equation that produces a number. The newsworthiness of random information. The love between two people. The strength of a familial bond. A specific person’s curiosity, the very boundaries of their imagination. Nothing is off limits, nothing out of reach. It’s dedication to the precision and accuracy of those numbers that has had a critical role in recent mega-IPOs like Facebook and Google. Acting in concert, those numbers drive the companies that in turn have defined the very interface of the consumer internet itself: An algorithmically ordered list. That list may be of stories or search results or friend suggestions or ads, it doesn’t matter. ... read more

Execution in Context Over Time Friday, Dec. 30th, 2016

What is the difference between something that is world changing and something that is a change in the world? Execution in context over time. Execution is how directly you can leverage the righ... read more

Fundamental Truths Tuesday, Dec. 06th, 2016

Image Credit hobvias sudoneighm There a lot of ways to think about and approach technology. One way is to visualize stairs and each new technology is a step. Those steps climb upward to some unkn... read more

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