Artypapers Buttons are small buttons you can collect for display on your website. So far there are 19 buttons. Start collecting your favorites today!

  1. Step 1: Pick Out Some Buttons You Like
  2. Step 2: Review Button Text & Links
  3. Step 3: Customize Your Button Layout
  4. Step 4: Share Your Buttons on Your Website

Pick Buttons

Click the button or the sign to select the buttons you would like customize.

Obama HOPE

Obama HOPEAdd

Obama the Man

Obama the ManAdd

Obama '08

Obama \'08Add

TSF 4 Eva!

TSF 4 Eva!Add

Artypapers Awards

Artypapers AwardsAdd

Artypapers Awards

Artypapers AwardsAdd

Lady w/ Tie

Lady w/ TieAdd

Skull 'n Bones

Skull 'n BonesAdd



Side Job Track

Side Job TrackAdd

Side Job Track

Side Job TrackAdd



Artypapers Portfolio

Artypapers PortfolioAdd

Job Pile

Job PileAdd



CSS Help Pile

CSS Help PileAdd



Mr. Arty Papers

Mr. Arty PapersAdd

Artypapers Blog

Artypapers BlogAdd

Button Details

Certain buttons have customizable names and url's. Click to remove buttons.

Arrange Buttons

Drag and drop your buttons in the order you prefer. You can also change the number of buttons in a column and add a border.

Set Column Width

Number Buttons Wide:

Set Border


Set Border Color


    Grab Your Code

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    Preview Your Buttons

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