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Link Roundup: Making Out with Tables

May. 12, 05 • Assorted Goodness0 comments

If you've been following along with the old Help Pile then you already know how to center a table with CSS, how to make a scrollable table with a fixed header and even how to make a snazzy CSS-styled table-based calendar.

But, do you actually know anything about tables? Do you know when you've taken avoiding tables too far? Do you want to read the actual W3C recommendation?

Fortunately for anyone who answered 'no' to the questions above, you can learn more about tables from a standards aware perspective thanks to resources like the Designing Data series (Part 1: Table Structure and Part 2: Adding Style) over at snook.ca. Articles like these are great because they explain the concepts in simple to understand step-by-step language. Who knew learning about colgroup could be so satisfying?

And -- for all you designer types out there -- once you have the basics of the mark-up and styling, veerle.duoh.com has an example of how to make that table data look great, too.

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