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The Zen of CSS Design

Feb. 21, 05 • CSS Literature0 comments

The Zen of CSS Design is finally making its way to the masses. The book is a comprehensive look at how the most successful CSS Zen Garden designs were accomplished. Written by collaborators Dave Shea and Molly E. Holzschlag it promises to be an engaging read and -- judging by the teaser pictures on Dave's website -- beautiful as well.

Web Design & Development Books

Jun. 22, 04 • CSS Literature0 comments

If you're looking for some books on CSS, check out the 9rules.com/store. Neatly categorized with reviews and some really great detailed descriptions, the 9rules store has pretty much every book any web developer would need. Even though you're really basically buying the book from Amazon, the 9rules store has already separated out the wheat from the chaff for you which is really handy.

So, if you're unsure of what development books to get -- and that's likely with how goddamned many of them are out there -- the 9rules.com/store will certainly help limit your choices to the very best.

Digital Web Magazine: The web designer's online magazine of choice

May. 7, 04 • CSS Literature0 comments

Since I'm all out of links this week (I have one link, actually, but I don't really like it) I may as well highlight the soon-to-be redesigned Digital Web Magazine. Digital Web has been listed in the help pile's resources list for, um, ever but I felt it would be good to make a point of drawing it to the forefront since it's recently had a new issue published and slated to get a facelift. The focus of the magazine is really pretty broad (because the subject matter is broad) so more than just CSS tips and tricks are mentioned, but the articles are really very good, well written and professional; a required read for anyone interested in web development.

Designing With Web Standards

Apr. 30, 04 • CSS Literature0 comments

Probably 20 seconds after the Eric Meyer post I thought of several other very talented and extremely well respected authors whose work is extraordinarily important in the shaping and future of standards-based design. So it would seem that a new category for books is needed for the pile after all, despite my short-sighted proclamation earlier.

The first book: Designing With Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman

Eric Meyer: The Tribute Post

Apr. 30, 04 • CSS Literature0 comments

For some time I've been thinking of adding a books section to the help pile, but that always seemed sort of useless since so many books I would have posted pretty much would have been by the same person: Eric Meyer. Now, there's absolutely no reason for me to go through and attempt to re-create his biography (which for some reason I'm tempted to do) but certainly take a look at his site and pay particular attention to the section on CSS that links to many of the great resources he's made available.

You can also check out the recent Web Standards Group interview: Ten Questions for Eric Meyer.

(note: Obviously many, many people are aware of Eric Meyer already, so I wasn't sure if it was even necessary to mention him on the pile, but not mentioning him created this gapping hole.)

Update: I added the category after all: CSS Literature

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